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5 Questions with… Jennifer Treumer

5 Questions with… Jennifer Treumer

Welcome back to another special installment of the “5 Questions with…” series featuring some of our rock star admins at Protection 1 in honor

Jennifer took a selfie with CEO Tim Whall while at the Chicago Corporate office last November

Jennifer took a selfie with CEO Tim Whall while at the Chicago Corporate office last November

of Administrative Professionals Day. This time, I interviewed Jennifer Treumer, branch administrator in Seattle. Jennifer is another one of the admins that was invited to the Chicago Corporate office to spend a day with CEO Tim Whall in November and she does a great job creating fun for her Seattle teammates. Whether it’s organizing a community service event, creating games to play on “Fun at Work Day”, cheering on the Seahawks, or participating in a 5k, Jennifer gives 100% to P1 and the culture. Here’s what Jennifer had to share in our 5 questions:

1. What is your favorite part about Protection 1? 
My favorite part of my job is having the ability to work independently. The trust that is placed, not only from my GM, but from each of the team members at our branch instills in me a sense of leadership that I truly value. I love having the opportunity to  work with people that care, not only about the company but about the well-being of their coworkers even more.

2. What advice do you have for anyone thinking about applying for a career at Protection 1?
If you are looking for a career with a company that cares, consider P1 as an option. This is a family friendly environment. The company encourages you to take time for you. P1 cares, they provide incentives and activities that promote healthy living. You are encouraged to ‘be yourself’ here at P1… Being yourself  provides a sense of comfort for you, and allows the rest of the company to find and work with the areas that you shine brightest in. Today’s job market is a rough one… but after 11 years of service, I’m still loving life here at P1.

Jennifer having some fun on Valentine’s Day

3. What makes the culture at the Seattle branch stand out?
There is a sense of community here in our branch. We all come from different walks in life; we are all at different places in our lives. However, we each bring those things to the table and impart what we can to one another. We embrace the differences that are among us, and use them as an opportunity to connect on a deeper level. Whether that culture is strengthened by P1 branch outings, potlucks, the silly celebrations of holiday games (yes, we had an Easter egg hunt!) or sharing in our Monday Morning Meetings, our relationships are strengthened.

4. What is one thing that most people don’t know about you?
I racked my brain about trivial little things people wouldn’t know about me, but I really am a pretty open book. Upon giving it a little more thought I decided I’d share one of my heart’s desires. I would love…I mean LOVE to go to Africa. I want to do a Safari Excursion. I want the hot sun on my back, and the warm wind in my face. I want to see gazelles leaping, hear the jolly neighing of zebras, see the stretching neck of giraffes reaching for tall tree tops. I want the hair on my arms to stand on end at the sound of a roaring lion, see a lioness play with her cubs (and sing Hakuna Matata).  Someday…

5. What is your favorite sports team to cheer for?
Seattle Seahawks of course!  Who doesn’t love their hometown team!!!

I asked Jennifer’s general manager, Don Robert, to give her a shoutout in honor of Administrative Professionals Day. Here’s what he had to say:

Jennifer is the heartbeat of the branch, she is the subject matter expert on all that is P1! We would be lost without her!

Thanks Jennifer for the 5 question answers and thanks to Don for recognizing Jennifer’s hard work. For more interviews with our rock star admin team today, please click here.

About Kelli Whall

Kelli manages all things communication and culture-related at Protection 1. She is constantly looking for ways to keep employees engaged outside of their daily routines while sharing the truck load of awesome that is the P1 Story to the rest of the world.


  1. Final #AdminProfessionalsDay interview of the day – Jennifer Treumer, awesome branch admin in #Seattle. #WorkAtP1

  2. I love Protection 1. All the Service employees are very Professional. That is number 1 in by opinion! They are very knowledgeable. They are kind and Patient. You actually get a REAL Person instead of going thru prompts to get a Real Person. I LOVE PROTECTION 1. Great Service, Professional, Knowledgeable, KIND, PATIENT!!

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