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5 Essential DIY Home Security Tips

5 Essential DIY Home Security Tips

Do-it-yourself (DIY) home security systems are becoming more and more popular these days. The disadvantage to this trend is that most of these systems do not alert emergency services if the alarm is tripped, but rather blare a siren sound to scare away potential intruders. Because an alarm is not guaranteed to scare away intruders, and because intruders are not the only thing that can go wrong at a home, it’s highly advantageous to have a professional alarm system installed so that if an alarm were to be triggered, the proper services could be provided to your home.

However, you can take some steps to improve security at your home in order to decrease the likelihood of an intrusion.

Here are 5 small projects you can undertake yourself:

1.       Secure your garage from “fishing” burglars.

179070088Your garage door is often one of the least secure entrances to your house, and is the barrier between a potential thief and a lot of valuable things. You’ve probably noticed the red cord and plastic handle hanging from the ceiling rail of your garage; some crooks will push the top of your garage door and use a hooked wire or handle to fish for this red handle, which is an emergency release that will open the garage door. You can create a shield between your garage door and this handle by screwing a barrier (wood or plastic will work best) onto the metal arm between the garage door and the red release handle.

2.       Purchase a small safe
Installing a safe in your home protects not only against burglars and intruders, but also against disasters like floods and fires, depending on the quality of the safe you’ve purchased. A safe is a great place to put important documents, as well as small valuables.

3.       Install a peephole in your door.

460693413A peephole is an extremely simple, extremely helpful way to get a better idea of whether you should open the door or not without alerting the person outside to your presence. Installing a peephole is a quick and painless process you can do yourself; simply buy a peephole and drill a hole the size of the peephole through your door. A peephole consists of two parts that screw together, a lens and a sleeve that fits over the lens; insert the lens and sleeve on opposite side of the door and screw them onto each other.

4.       Install deadbolts on doors leading outside.

522751325Of course you should lock your doors whenever you leave the house and when you go to bed at night, but the locks that came standard with your house are fairly easy to disable with just a little force. Adding deadbolts to your doors will deter burglars who try to force the door in, as they require much more force than a normal lock does to break. This project will take an hour or two, and the kind of deadbolt you should buy depends on your door and your needs, so we recommend talking to someone at your hardware store before making any purchases.

5.       Install porch lights, motion sensor or not.
452468489It’s been proven in study after study that burglars are more likely to strike at a house or in an area that is dimly lit. Take precautionary measures by putting lights around your doors – whether these are soft lamps that stay on all night or glaring lights that turn on when motion is sensed near them, a burglar is much more likely to think twice about trying to intrude in a well-lit area.

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  1. Yes, you are right, The best way to avoid these kind of situations is having proper security systems.

  2. A home security system is your best option when trying to keep intruders out, but these are great ideas also. Deadbolts on the doors will provide a lot of extra security.

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