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5 Clever Steps to a Safe Independence Day

5 Clever Steps to a Safe Independence Day

With Independence Day almost upon us (Happy 4th!), it’s easy to get caught up in the fun and excitement of the holiday. Scrambling to get food and grilling supplies and taking the family to your local fireworks stand are a fraction of what’s on your mind. Here are just a handful of clever things to keep in mind while celebrating to make sure this 4th of July will be a great memory for your family.

Be careful where you point that!

Maintain distance for yourself and others – Don’t point sparklers, fountains or fireworks at yourself or others – especially while being lit. Ensure they are lighted on the ground in areas that are fire resistant, avoiding dry areas, spectators, and houses. Flammable items can be ignited unintentionally, keeping them away from others and out of your pockets can save a life!

Keep water on hand, and your hands off danger!
Handle fireworks with caution! – Never disassemble or try to make your own fireworks. This can be deadly! Keep a source of water (bucket/garden hose) on hand in case of a fire. Use it to soak any duds to avoid surprise detonations before handling them. Don’t attempt to light multiple devices at a time as they can detonate at different times and cause premature explosions!

Think of the children!
Children should not have access to fireworks. Even simple firecrackers and sparklers can be very dangerous as they typically have a very short delay time and burn at incredibly high temperatures.

Children that are trusted to handle fireworks should be very closely supervised as these items are a common cause of burns and leading cause of injuries among Independence Day festivities.

Care about your pets!
Animals usually have much more sensitive ears than humans. Loud noises and explosions can often frighten them causing them to act erratically. It is not uncommon for pets to run away because of the excessive noise, so be considerate of your animal! After all, they’re part of your family. Make sure they are placed in a quiet, insulated area of the house or on a leash and adequately comforted if they are involved in the fun!

Be an expert on supervision!
Always have an adult closely supervise the use of all fireworks, but especially when children are handling them.  Having one – or several people dedicated to watching the displays and being ready to react quickly to accidents is important not only in protecting people, but houses too.

It is estimated that there are over 50,000 fires caused by fireworks annually. It definitely helps to have a phone or home alarm system on hand to contact emergency services in case of a mishap. Err on the safe side and you won’t be sorry when it happens!

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