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5 Awesome Things You Didn’t Expect in a Security System

5 Awesome Things You Didn’t Expect in a Security System

It isn’t every day that you find yourself being amazed, let alone by an alarm system. But the features of our eSecure systems are sure to surprise you!

Complete and convenient video control

One of the best ways to supplement your security cameras is the ability to view your footage from your smartphone, tablet or computer.  Check on your business or home and make sure everything is as it should be around the clock . Think it’s too much work? Our cameras can also send video clips to you via email when they are triggered by motion, making it easy to monitor and stay connected!

Built-in safeguards

All of our alarm systems have built-in backup power supplies to keep your alarm active when your power goes out. But what is really remarkable are our new smash proof keypads. These keypads will alert emergency services even if they get smashed by an intruder, ensuring you still get a rapid response! When you combine these two features with wireless communication, it creates your own personal fully-redundant security system.

Total remote access

With eSecure, you can control all the functions of your alarm system from your smart phone, tablet or a computer. Control your lights, open your garage doors, unlock the front door, and control your motorized cameras no matter where you are! No more rushing home to let your children or relatives in, checking on pets , or getting locked out of the house. This adds an extra layer of convenience to your home, and helps remove stress that comes at the most inconvenient times.

Home automation 

Enter a world of total convenience and have your lights turn on automatically after your doors are opened. Never stumble around in the dark again! Trigger your doors to lock themselves after being closed so you never have to wonder, “Did I remember to lock my home before I left?”

If being comfortable and conserving energy is more your thin, use thermostat integration to automatically adjust the temperature along with your alarm. When you are away, have your air automatically turn off. When you are tucked away in bed with your alarm set to for the night – have your A/C work a little harder to keep you cozy while you sleep.

Home health monitoring

With home health monitoring , your system will perform continual health check-ups for your home. Not only will your system be monitoring for traditional items such as smoke and carbon monoxide, but you will also be alerted before serious water damage can occur or when there are extreme temperatures shifts in your home. To top it all off you can even view the weather forecast for your area, which makes it even easier for you to prepare for your day.

Are there great features of your alarm system that you never expected to have? How have you used them? Let us know in the comments or on Facebook!


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