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25 and Going Strong

25 and Going Strong

At P1, we knew going into 2013 that we would be celebrating our 25th anniversary and we wanted to make sure the celebration lasted all year long. One of the ways we do this is by incorporating the number 25 in our employee engagement programs.

We’ve got the 25,000+ Challenge, part of our 1 For All campaign, dedicated to helping out the communities we live and work in. With over 2,500 associates at P1, we encourage each of them to donate 10 hours of their time to help their community in some way. Our branches have really gotten into the spirit by teaming up together to participate in charity runs, volunteer at soup kitchens and help build houses through Habitat for Humanity-type programs. I’ll be highlighting some of these efforts in future blog posts.

Additionally, on the 25th of each month, our employee wellness blog offers up a series of 25. We started the year off with the top 25 songs from 1988 which served as inspiration for the soundtracks to our employees’ fitness and wellness revolutions – not resolutions as those are too easily broken. Most recently in April, we offered up 25 healthy additions to water to make you want to drink more. This may seem a little out of left field, but it fit in with our wellness program.Each month, we give our employees three challenges: one nutrition-focused, one fitness-focused and one about mind and spirit. Our nutrition challenge for April was to drink more water.

This month we’ll be looking at 25 activities you can participate in outdoors. If you’d like to contribute to this list, please leave a comment with your favorite activity.

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Kelli manages all things communication and culture-related at Protection 1. She is constantly looking for ways to keep employees engaged outside of their daily routines while sharing the truck load of awesome that is the P1 Story to the rest of the world.

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